VN-Cover Emulator

Product Details

Leading electronics companies have been using VN-Cover coverage analysis tool in their simulation environments to obtain quantitative measures of their verification effectiveness.

The same objective measurement and guidance is available for hardware-assisted verification environments. Coverage analysis allows designers to set repeatable and objective simulation and emulation goals. Coverage-driven emulation increases verification productivity and allows getting to market even faster.

Results in Hours – Not Weeks

Running a complete regression suite using a simulation farm may take several weeks from start to finish. During that time, the design continues to evolve and when the regression is complete, the coverage results for making key sign-off decisions are no longer relevant.

Using a hardware-assisted verification system significantly speeds up the availability of coverage analysis, reducing the associated effort from several weeks to a day. VN-Cover Emulator provides project managers and designers with the critical coverage results when they most need them.

Focusing Test Generation for Faster Verification

When using a directed test methodology with a hardware-assisted system, it is difficult to know exactly what has been tested. VN-Cover Emulator provides an objective measurement of what parts of the design each given test has verified. This coverage information allows faster verification convergence by providing guidance needed to create additional tests for unexercised areas of the design.

The combined results from all tests also help measure the thoroughness of the overall verification strategy and establish confidence in the quality of the design.

Discover Gaps in Verification

Hardware/software co-verification methodologies that involve a hardware-assisted system make it difficult to know what parts of the design have been missed. These untested areas are highly likely to contain bugs and are often due to missing system diagnostics, missing software functionality, or redundant hardware/software functionality.

VN-Cover results clearly highlight where these “verification holes” are, enabling engineers to “fill in the holes” by running additional software, defining new tests, or removing unnecessary hardware. Filling these holes provides assurance that the entire system is correctly verified and will work right the first and every time.

VN-Cover allows combining the results from different methodologies and tools, such as directed tests, pseudo-random tests and even hardware/software co-verification, to provide a global and complete picture of the verification progress.

Supported Emulation Systems

VN-Cover Emulator supports the hardware systems Celaro® and VStation® from Mentor Graphics, Palladium® and Cobalt® from Cadence, Xtreme® from Verisity and Zebu® from Eve.

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