Key Features

  • Ready-to-Use
    Connect to the verification environments, define the system topology, then generate comprehensive tests
  • Automatic Test Generation
    Generate self-checking tests from user-specified parameters and constraints
  • Automatic Response Checking
    Automatically verify system response during simulation by checking data consistency
  • Built-in Synchronization Capabilities
    Ideal for handling constrained-random test generation for multiple, independent traffic streams

Supported Simulators

VN-Control supports the following simulators:

  • Cadence Verilog-XL, NC-Sim, NC-Verilog and Incisive
  • Synopsys VCS
  • Mentor ModelSim
  • IEEE 1364 compliant with PLI 1.0 support

Supported Platforms

VN-Control is supported on the following platforms and operation systems:

  • Red Hat Linux 7.X, 8.0
  • SUN Solaris 7, 8 and 9


VN-Control is available for immediate shipment.

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