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VN-Spec is a Requirement Traceability and Impact Analysis solution that:

  • Links SoC design and verification flows to initial specification documents
  • Increases confidence in design quality by providing accurate specification coverage metrics
  • Helps project managers acquire a high level view of their SoC design and verification completeness
  • Speeds up ECO iterations by outlining all project tasks impacted by late changes
  • Automates report generation on project progress and status
  • Integrates seamlessly into design flows, including in-progress projects


vnspec overview.jpgToday, there is a gap in front-end verification methodology as most of the verification effort focuses on checking design implementation refinements against initial models written at the system or register-transfer level, rather than directly using the original specifications as a reference.

VN-Spec fills this gap by unambiguously identifying requirements in the specification documents, tracing the implementation and the verification of these requirements throughout the entire design flow, and providing accurate specification coverage metrics.

Deploying VN-Spec early in a design process enables engineers to know the exact progress status of their project at any time. It also helps them measure the impact of a change in the specification, implementation, and test files. Another key benefit of VN-Spec is its automatic document generation capability that has many uses such as creating progress reports for management or generating project documentation. Ultimately, VN-Spec brings higher confidence and controllability on both design and verification tasks.

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