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VN-Cover Emulator

VN-Cover is a Coverage Analysis for HW Emulation solution that:

  • Measures coverage on hardware-accelerated simulators and emulators
  • Dramatically reduces the time required to obtain coverage information on large SoC’s
  • Allows coverage data collection during real-life system verification
  • Enables the migration of coverage-based verification from simulator to emulator


vncoverem overview.jpgToday, many companies are using hardware-assisted systems to accelerate the verification of their SoC designs, cutting weeks of verification time from their schedules.

For simulation-based verification, knowing what parts of the design have been adequately verified and what areas may require additional testing is critical to optimally focus verification efforts.

VN-Cover Emulator enables engineers to obtain coverage on their SoCs in a hardware-accelerated environment and reach a level of confidence similar to that achieved using VN-Cover with software simulators. Using VN-Cover Emulator speeds up the overall verification task by providing better visibility on what has been covered, what is left, and when to stop verification.

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